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Father denies abusing infant daughter

by Sheila Gardner

The father of a three-month-old baby girl pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge of felony child abuse, denying that he was responsible for the baby’s two skull fractures and fractured leg.

District Judge Dave Gamble set a March 19 trial for Jonathan Paul Flagg, 31, charged with child abuse or neglect causing substantial bodily harm.

Gamble disclosed that he had been the judge in a 2004 custody case involving the parental rights of Flagg’s former girlfriend who had been charged in the abuse of her child.

Flagg was sentenced to one year in Douglas County Jail in that case after he pleaded guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts of child abuse and neglect involving injuries on the six-month-old baby boy. Flagg’s lawyer, Derrick Lopez, disclosed that he was represented the mother in the parental rights case.

Prosecutor Tom Gregory said he didn’t know what role the 2004 case would play in the current prosecution of Flagg.

Gamble said he intended to remain on the case.

“Mr. Flagg and I have addressed that,” Lopez said. “It is something of a concern, but not at the level where we’re asking the court to recuse itself.”

The infant’s mother, Allisha Haltom, 25, is set for a preliminary hearing Friday on a charge of felony child abuse, neglect or endangerment causing substantial bodily harm.

She is accused of leaving the baby with Flagg, knowing he would harm the child, or had hurt her in the past.

The charge also states that Haltom was incapable of caring for, or protecting the child, because she was under the influence of controlled substances.

When Haltom was arrested, she reportedly was under the influence of heroin. Flagg and Haltom are in custody in Douglas County Jail. The infant, now four months old, is in the custody of Child Protective Services.