Fans gather early for concert in the park |

Fans gather early for concert in the park

Sarah Hauck
Sue Kyle and Michael Roberson, 21 months set up their chairs for the Savannah Blue Concert in the Park at 6:30 in Minden Park.

Lawn chairs and rope were standing at attention this morning in Minden Park anticipating the performance by Savannah Blue.

Savannah Blue, a southern rock band, plays today at 6:30 p.m. in Minden Park.

Newcomers Lora Menchel, 58, and Vicki Louden, 48, were busy trying to decide how big of a spot to reserve for tonight’s concert.

“Last week my husband and I strolled down here about 6 p.m. to check out the concert and the place was packed,” Louden said. “We would like to actually enjoy the concert this time.”

James Smith, maintenance supervisor for the Town of Minden was quick to correct Menchel and Louden for laying their blanket down.

Smith explained that there will be little walking room left by late this afternoon, due to the rising number of lawn chairs and tables that will appear throughout the day.

Smith frequently drives by the park on concert day to ensure there are no large coolers or blankets lying on the lawn that could damage the grass.

“ This is a real enjoyable experience for people,” Smith said. “There’s a bigger and bigger crowd each year.”

Seasoned concert-goers take reserving their spots seriously with rope, caution tape and large tables covering portions of the Minden Park grass.

William Souligny, Minden resident of 47 years, was trying to find the perfect spot close to the Kiwanis section so he could help with the ice cream distribution.

“ It’s a relaxed, family affair,” Souligny said. “The grandkids come up and we’re making those memories with them.”

Sue Kyle with help from her great-grandson, Michael Robertson, 21 months, set out their chairs for the concert as well.

“My husband and other great-grandson were leaving early this morning for the feed store and my husband told me to go put out the chairs,” Kyle said.

The Kyles are new to town and this will be their first concert in the park.

The Lions Club and Kiwanis will both be on site to provide food and refreshments while Savannah Blue plays.

Savannah Blue has been a fixture on the Northern California blues and rock club scene since 1995.

Members include Dean Fisher (lead guitar), and Mike Cochran (bass), Scott Johnson (lead guitar, vocals), Don Nehasil (drums, vocals), and the recent addition of Mike Machi (vocals, harmonica).

The band plays Southern rock classics like “Keep On Smilin,” “If You Want To Get To Heaven” or “The South’s Gonna Do It Again,” along with perennial Allman and Skynyrd favorites.

Others of the Southern genre, like The Outlaws, The Marshall Tucker Band and Molly Hatchet are represented with their most popular material.

Additionally, Southern icons such as 38 Special, The Charlie Daniels Band and ZZ Top are featured in the brand new Savannah Blue repertoire.

The concert is free of charge and will start at 6:30 p.m.

The GE Concert Series is sponsored by the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department.