Family trampoline is stolen |

Family trampoline is stolen

Mellisa Murphy

A theft in the Ranchos Monday shocked residents and put the Douglas County sheriff’s department on alert.

On Monday afternoon, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., neighbors of Ranchos resident Sharyon Katsaris reported seeing three male subjects stealing her 16.5 foot diameter trampoline.

Due to gusty winds, the trampoline had blown over the 8 foot fence enclosing Katsaris’ back yard and had come to rest across the street on a neighbor’s property.

Witnesses described the subjects as two blond-haired men between 20 and 30 years of age, and a male juvenile with dark hair.

“The trampoline is very big, and it probably took them a good 45 minutes to disassemble it,” said Sharyon Katsaris. “It’s hard to believe that someone could have the nerve to do such a thing, and in broad daylight.”

The vehicle used to remove the trampoline was a black striped full-size or compact truck with two jetskis in tow, white with multi-colored stripes. Another vehicle, a full size rusty-colored van with light horizontal stripes, was also reported on the scene.

One of the neighbors said that when questioned, one of the men responded that he had talked to the police, and they had told him that he could take the trampoline.

“My neighbors said that one of the suspects even entered my yard so he could get the rest of the parts to the trampoline,” Katsaris said.

The trampoline was a birthday gift from Katsaris to her grandsons, Jacob Katsaris, 4, and Nick Katsaris, 14.

Deputy Sheriff Phil Lesquereux stated in his report that the theft constitutes grand larceny.

“Deputy Lesquereux has been very helpful and active in looking for the suspect’s vehicle,” Katsaris said. “I’ve put up fliers at stores, and hope this added publicity will help us find it.”

The trampoline has a metal frame, most likely bent with wind damage and the force of landing and missing a spring, a black center, and a green cover. It is worth approximately $400.

If you have information, please contact Deputy Sheriff Phil Lesquereux at 782-9935.