Family Support director resigns |

Family Support director resigns

by Kurt Hildebrand

After two years as executive director of the Family Support Council, Kelli Johnson is stepping down today saying it’s time for her to go back to private enterprise.

“I feel fortunate to have been in this position,” Johnson said. “To have been a new person in this community, I wouldn’t have expected the great reception I’ve had. People had really welcomed me and businesses got on board.”

Johnson said she learned a lot over the past two years and it has helped put the council on a firm financial basis.

“One of the things that really happened is that we are much more financially sound now than we were two years ago,” she said. “That really has to do with the community coming out to our events and participating at a higher level and businesses jumped on board and started doing fundraisers and sponsorships for us.”

The organization’s health extends to the board, Johnson, who submitted her resignation two weeks ago, said.

“We have a full strong board which is a huge asset to the agency and organization. We have a full staff with a lot of new experience. If someone had told me that I would have gone through so much over these two years, I would have taken the job anyway.”

Johnson came into the position with no experience with running a nonprofit and had to hit the ground running.

“This position needs somebody with development background but with more nonprofit experience than I have,” she said. “Somebody coming in knowing how to write grants would be a real value to the council.”

Johnson said she and husband Scot Tabert would like to remain in Carson Valley. Tabert is the manager of the Tile Outlet in Carson City and would like to start his own store.

“I’m making a lot less money here than I used to,” she said. “We really have to make some decisions in the next years. I’d love to make it work, it’s just a question whether we can afford to live here.”

Johnson said she is proud of the work she and her staff have done over the past two years.

“We have new programs, we have more people attending our programs, we’ve done a lot of great work in that area,” she said. “We’ve changed a lot financially and we couldn’t have done that without people coming out to our fundraisers. I hope that continues.”

Johnson came to Carson Valley in September 2004 from Spokane, Wash., where she still owns a home.

She took over as director from Karen Edwards, who left to take a similar position in Incline Village.