Family Support Council wins grant |

Family Support Council wins grant

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The Division of Child and Family Services announced 62 agencies, including the Family Support Council of Douglas County, will receive annual Victims of Crime Act Assistance Formula Grant funding for the 2021 State Fiscal Year totaling $20 million.

“We are happy to be able to award these funds to the dedicated service providers who stand ready to help Nevadans,” said Division of Child and Family Services Administrator Ross Armstrong. “It is our hope that through focused innovative awards we’ll continue to enhance Nevada’s Victims of Crime system.”

The Family Support Council of Douglas County was awarded $205,000 for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Funding of the grant is dependent upon the Office of the Inspector General’s audit of the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services being closed and subject to the availability of funds.

The grant supports thousands of victim assistance programs throughout the nation each year. The states awarded the grant provide subgrants to local community-based organizations and public agencies who serve victims directly. Direct assistance to crime victims includes crisis counseling, telephone and on-site information and referrals, criminal justice support and advocacy, shelter, therapy, and additional assistance. Funds may also be used to develop new programs that address emerging needs, gaps in services, and training of victim service advocates.

The $20 million in awarded funding adheres to the four priority funding areas: Sexual assault will be funded at $4,089,220; domestic violence will be funded at $6,486,250; child abuse will be funded at $4,978,120; underserved populations will be funded at $3,692,160; and all other services will be funded at $725,250.

Clark County will receive 62 percent of the total funding, Washoe County will receive 25 percent, and the rural counties will receive 9 percent.