Family support council gets grant |

Family support council gets grant

by Heidi Alder

The Nevada Office of the Attorney General recently announced the award of an $11,000 grant to the Douglas County Family Support Council for use in its domestic violence program.

Karen Edwards, the executive director of the Family Support Council, said she is thrilled with the grant.

“We really need it,” Edwards said, “It really helps with our domestic violence program. Without the grant, it wouldn’t be as comprehensive. We would have to look other places for the money, and we couldn’t offer some services.”

Edwards said the Family Support Council will use the grant to pay for one of its domestic violence case workers, a counselor and a women’s support facilitator.

The money also will be used to get word out to the community that domestic violence help is available for seniors and the handicapped, realizing that there are cases of violence against them.

“We help every victim now,” Edwards said.

Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa chairs the Nevada Domestic Violence Prevention Council. Del Papa announced almost $1,100,000 in grants awarded to programs throughout the state fighting against domestic violence and related issues.

The grants were awarded in accordance with 1999 federal funding provided under the Stop Violence Against Women Act.

Edwards said Douglas County has had a domestic violence program since 1982, and has been receiving federal grants for years.

The needs of a program are considered in the awarding of federal grants. If the program has received a grant before, quarterly reports are reviewed to see how the money has been spent, Edwards said.

For domestic help and information regarding the Douglas County Family Support Council, call Karen Edwards at 782-8692.