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Families come together for Candy Dance

Jeff Stroh displays a pair of art infused tempered glass cutting boards made by his wife Jodi of naturalaccents.com out of Puyallup, Washington Saturday at Candy Dance.
Brad Coman |

Friends and family came together Saturday to shop and enjoy the festivities at one of Genoa’s oldest and most popular events, the Candy Dance.

One group of shoppers was donned in purple shirts with every year they’ve attended the event since 2000, applied to them. The group was Maryann Andrews and her friends and family who make it a yearly reunion for the event.

“We spend a week together every year and always come for both days of the Candy Dance,” said Andrews. “We have our special and favorite vendors we like to visit, but most importantly it’s about coming together and having fun.”

Andrews said the group plans to wear the shirts until the 100th anniversary in three years.

“We hope they last until then, even after we will continue to come together and enjoy this wonderful event.”

Holly Hamilton was also enjoying what the Candy Dance had to offer with her family.

“It’s a fun event to come to. I like shopping the different booths to see all the interesting things they have to offer and just getting together with my family,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton has one vendor she always stops at and has to buy from, the Skylake Ranch, Family Orchard, where she gets a pomegranate marinade.

“You wouldn’t think pomegranate would make a good marinade, but it does. I absolutely love this stuff. It goes great with everything,” said Hamilton.

Skylake Ranch, Family Orchard is located between Chico and Durham, Calif. They prepare their marinades, sauces, syrups, jelly and juice by hand with fresh products harvested from their orchard.

“It’s so good,” said Hamilton. “It tastes like heaven.”

All around Genoa visitors were enjoying their own tastes of heaven be it family, marinades, Indian tacos, and candy or the variety of vendors selling hand made fragrances, clothing, and more. Everyone had something to enjoy and talk about when it comes to his or her favorite part of the Candy Dance.