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Extra caution urged during Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally

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Motorcycles line Goni Rd. in Carson City near the Harley-Davidson dealership Friday.
Brad Coman | Nevada Appeal

More than 50,000 motorcyclists will be on the roads across Western Nevada for the 2016 Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally, according to Street Vibrations Fall Rally website.

As a result, the Nevada Highway Patrol is asking motorists to use extra caution over the weekend to avoid collisions.

Some of the top reasons drivers do not see motorcycles:

Speeds are more difficult to gauge when objects are smaller and perceived by the viewer to be farther away than larger objects at the same distance.

Size — because motorcycles are smaller, they are more easily hidden from a driver’s view.

Line-of-sight obstructions. Objects placed on a dashboard or hanging from a rear-view mirror obstruct portions of a driver’s view of the road, oftentimes completely masking on oncoming motorcycle. It’s illegal in Nevada to have objects hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Tips for drivers

“Look Once, Look Twice” for motorcycles; be especially vigilant around intersections; give motorcycles plenty of room; check your blind spots before changing lanes.

Tips for riders

Ride like you’re invisible — Don’t assume all other drivers actually see you; be especially cautious around intersections; wear bright colors (i.e. reflective vest) to make yourself more visible to other drivers; don’t ride in other drivers’ blind spots (you’re smaller than other vehicles and not as easily seen); ride unaffected by alcohol or drugs (you need all your abilities to focus while riding); consider taking an advanced motorcycle class (you can always become a better rider than you are now).