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Everyone’s a winner in R-C robot naming contest

Record Courier Staff Reports

by Kurt Hildebrand

I thought it would be fun to hold a name the robot contest. We’re supposed to be looking for ways to be all interactive and hip, so why not host a contest to suggest names for the Mini Andros robot obtained by the Tahoe-Douglas Bomb Squad.

I should have expected the turnout to be light. Let’s face it, my plan to get bids for the governor’s portrait sank like a lead balloon.

We got four entries (or five if you count Patti Larson’s two uses for the same acronym).

Ginger suggested Rover. Patti’s two suggestions both added up to B.R.U.C.E., one standing for Bomb Removal Under Controlled Environment and the other for Bomb Removal Utilizing Camera Equipment.

Patti’s husband, John, came up with C.O.N.R.E.D.D. which stands for Camera Operated Navigable Remote Explosive Detonation Device

Robert Erb of Gardnerville came up with the MA 220.

“A possible name to consider is a small one, but will end confusion with a long title as well as making it sound professional,” Robert wrote. “A title to consider is MA 220. It is abbreviated and is easy to remember, both law enforcement and the general public.”

And with Mother’s Day coming up, it could be shortened further to just Ma.

We came up with some of our own suggestions as well. Mine was Bommy the Bomb Robot, which pretty much no one liked. Aaron Litz came up with Boomer. Office Manager Alice Price came up with Blast Gordon. Sports Editor Joey Crandall thought Fumbles would be a good name.

Since I’ve only got four eligible responses, I’m going to call them all winners, forward them to the bomb squad and get a gift certificate for each of the four participants.

Thanks for playing.

— n n

Speaking of Mother’s Day, the Douglas County Senior Center will be honoring ladies who receive Meals-on-Wheels and who attend the noon lunch by presenting them with a carnation.

Self-described senior center mother Janice Frost says the campaign is a big hit at the center.

“Without our mothers, we would not be,” Janice wrote me about the luncheon. “Nor should we forget Father’s Day.”

— n n

Genoa’s Sonnie Imes is hosting a wedding between JD and Jasmine on May 15.

The happy couple presently resides in Genoa and is inseparable I’m told.

“He’s known this girl since he was 6 weeks old,” Sonnie said. “She takes every excuse to run over here. She’s converting to Judaism for him.”

It’s clear Jasmine is attracted to the bad boy side of JD, since he was abandoned as a youth.

The bride will be wearing flowers in her hair and a veil, while the groom will wed wearing only a bow tie.

While religion may not be a problem, this will still be a mixed marriage.

That’s right, JD is a poodle and Jasmine is a Pomeranian.

Sonnie adopted JD for her other dog, Jimmy, her yorkie. Jimmy will be best man at the wedding. maid of honor will be Nesa.

Jasmine belongs to Sonnie’s neighbor Jan Shaw.

The dogs are registered at Bones and Scones. Sonnie said they will be serving a cake made out of chicken in the shape of a bone.

The bride’s grandparents are flying in from Austin for the nuptials.

It’s good to see a dog from the wrong side of the tracks make good. JD was adopted through the Pet Network in Incline Village.

Kurt Hildebrand is editor of The Record-Courier. Reach him at khildebrand@recordcourier.com or 782-5121, ext. 215