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Everybody wins in animal control first adopt-a-thon

by Merrie Leininger, Staff Writer

The Douglas County Animal Shelter is very quiet this week.

Three cats and 17 dogs were adopted during the animal shelter’s first adopt-a-thon.

“It was great,” said animal control officer Valorie Nenzel. “We also had four placements from rescue groups. I couldn’t believe it. For our first time out, we said, we hope someone shows up, and we were swamped on Saturday. Everybody was so jazzed, they wanted to do it every month, but we will be ready for next year.”

The people who came to the adopt-a-thon were photographed with their new pets and received lots of information from veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters and trainers.

“(New pet owners) got a good introduction to the animals and the care of the animals and understand what it takes, because it just takes a little bit of training,” Nenzel said.

She also thanked the volunteers who came to help animal control, and those who distributed information about pet care.

“We couldn’t have done it without the volunteers and the groups that came out to give information. They made it all worthwhile,” Nenzel said.

Ten teachers from Douglas County School District volunteered at the adopt-a-thon as part of their training, said Douglas High School counselor Dori Draper. The teachers were learning how to put their classroom lectures into action. For instance, if a science teacher is teaching about wildlife, the class might volunteer at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

“The school district has said in the Strategic Plan, it will promote its use because it helps students learn better,” Draper said.