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Emergency unemployment benefits run out Jan. 2

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On Jan. 2, 2013, the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program will expire, unless Congress votes to extend the federal benefits as it has done in the past, said Renee Olson, administrator Employment Security Division of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Division.

As a result, about 25,000 Nevadans currently receiving benefits will be abruptly cut off and each week another 1,000 claimants who are receiving regular unemployment, (which allows for a maximum of 26 weeks), will exhaust their benefits and not be able to move to the program. However, claimants should continue to file their weekly claims so that benefits can be paid as quickly as possible if Congress does vote in favor of extending the program, Olson said. There are nearly 32,000 people on the regular unemployment benefits program.

“The last week payable for EUC benefits is Dec. 29, which means those claimants on EUC, will stop receiving benefits, even if they still have balances remaining on their claims,” Olson said. “In the past, claimants have been allowed to continue receiving benefits through the end of the tier they were in.”

Congress first enacted the federal benefits package in June 2008 in response to record high unemployment. Claimants currently qualify for a maximum of 73 weeks. In July of this year, the State Extended Benefits program ended, dropping the number of weeks from 99 to 79, then in September, six more weeks were cut, dropping the maximum weeks from 79 to 73.

Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation Division Director Frank R. Woodbeck said the department is remaining diligent in its efforts to offer innovative training programs that will lead to positive employment outcomes for Nevada’s jobseekers.

“We understand the severity of this situation and sympathize with our citizens who are still having a difficult time finding employment,” Woodbeck said. “I want to encourage these Nevadans to visit their nearest Nevada JobConnect office so that our counselors can assist them with job placement and training needs as they pursue gainful employment. Additionally, DETR is working tirelessly with the Governor’s Office on Economic Development and other partners to explore every opportunity to bring more industries to the state, while also creating training programs that will assist our jobseekers in being prepared for a more diverse business environment.”