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Election filing season opens Monday

by Christy Chalmers

The candidate filing period for the 2000 elections starts Monday, and Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Reed should have no shortage of business.

“I’ll be there at 8:55 a.m.,” said incumbent County Commissioner Steve Weissinger, who represents the Gardnerville Ranchos. “I’ve made the commitment and I think it’s appropriate to let people know right up front what you’re going to do.”

Weissinger is going to seek another four-year term. Two other commissioners whose terms expire in December – Bernie Curtis and Kelly Kite – have indicated they’ll also be making another run.

“I’ll be there bright and early,” said Kite.

Weissinger, who indicated along with Kite and Curtis in January that another bid was likely, said he decided for certain a month ago.

He said he’s been encouraged by offers of financial support and compliments on how the commission is doing business.

“I think I’ve followed through on what I said I was going to do,” said Weissinger. “I definitely have a strong record to run on, and I’ll continue to give 110 percent.”

In addition to the county commission seats, open positions include five seats on the school board, justice of the peace posts in both of Douglas County’s townships and positions in the U.S. Senate and Congress, the state supreme court, state assembly, university board of regents and the state board of education.

Ray Finnegan, the county’s juvenile detention center chief, and Richard Glasson, a lawyer from Stateline, have already said they’ll seek the Tahoe Township Justice of the Peace job that Steve McMorris is leaving.

East Fork Justice of the Peace Jim EnEarl said he plans to seek another term. So far, no challengers have come forward.

State Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick said in January he plans another bid.

Gardnerville resident Richard Hamzik says he’ll run for the U.S. Senate seat Richard Bryan is leaving. Carson Valley resident Michelle Trusty-Murphy says she’ll be filing for a seat on the state board of education.

The candidate filing period closes May 15. In addition to the state, federal and county offices, seats on the Gardnerville, Minden and Genoa town boards and more than a dozen general improvement districts are open.