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Easter scavenger hunt hidden in books

4-year-old Nolan Tuohy is excited after finding a paper Easter Egg hidden in a book Saturday at the Douglas County Public Library in Minden.
Brad Coman |

Easter hid in literature Saturday during a scavenger book hunt at the Douglas County Public Library.

Paper egg-shaped clues with messages such as “You can find me in the Hundred Acre Wood, although if you visit me, bring honey to me you should” were hidden in Easter-themed books throughout the children’s section of the library. At least a dozen children and their families searched the library’s shelves for clues.

Emma Schowley, 11, and her brothers Jack, 4, Sam, 6, and Jay, 8, teamed up to find clues.

“It was challenging at times, but we just needed to find more clues,” said Emma. “Doing it as a family and working together made it easier.”

There were five total paths leading to Easter-themed books, each containing a clue that led to another book with a clue. After four books were found, the last book contained a “congratulations” message and the scavenger hunters received a prize or hopped on a new path, said Youth Services Librarian Kira Frederick.

“Not only is this a fun event and holiday related, but it is a great way for children to improve their language and literacy skills,” said Frederick. “It’s been a great turnout. It’s great to see the community come out and join us.”

Federick said the event was organized and hosted by the Teen Advisory Board.

“We wanted to do something before the end of the school year,” said Teen Advisory Board member Regan Hammond, 17. “Easter seemed like the perfect time to come up with a fun event.”

The Teen Advisory Board hosts several events throughout the year, but this was the first event with the new board members.

“Being the first time we put together a scavenger hunt like this, I think it turned out great and was a success,” Teen Advisory Board member Tabitha Keating said.

Clare Mulvihill, 8, and her sister Kyra, 6, said the challenge was finding the right book, but it helped when they recognized a phrase from something they had read before, such as “The Easter Bunny’s Assistant” by Jan Thomas.

It was fun and exciting, the girls agreed.