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East Fork finds clean audit under tree

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Auditors found that the East Fork Fire Protection District has been good all year, and gave district trustees an early Christmas present in the form of a clean bill of financial health.

Under Nevada law, government entities are required to submit an annual audit of its financial statements which must be presented in accordance with the accounting principles generally accepted in the United States and audited by independent certified public accountants.

The professional accounting firm of Sciarani and Company, who specialize in local government auditing, prepared and presented the audit to district trustees on Dec. 19.

In the audit presentation, it was identified that all funds are being used expressly for the purposes for which that they were created and that they were administered in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, East Fork Chief Tod Carlini said there were no audit violations.

The auditing firm made some general recommendations, all related to the recent change in governance, including referencing the Standards for Internal Control Measures and becoming familiar with state law pertaining to local government financial operations.

“The district has taken steps in light of recent alleged lapses in internal controls in Douglas County government to ensure it has adequate internal control measures in place,” Carlini said.

After the audit presentation and the Board’s official acceptance, Carlini said the board discussed vehicle maintenance, facilities maintenance, purchasing, claims processing, and narcotic control measures.

The East Fork paramedics are authorized to administer narcotic related treatments, Carlini said. Future presentations will include payroll reporting, annual and sick leave accrual recording, and medical billing.

Board President Bernard Curtis complimented the auditor and the districts’ administrative staff for their efforts in managing the districts’ finances and accounting.

As part of its separation from Douglas County, Certified Public Accountant Joseph Langkilde was hired by the district.

Carlini said he officially serves as the district’s chief financial officer, with more than 25 years of local government budgeting experience.

“We have a great team of dedicated employees who are often forgotten and not recognized enough for the great jobs that they do and the behind the scenes effort that allows our response personnel to do their jobs,” he said.

Carlini singled out Langkilde, deputy chiefs Steve Eisele and Dave Fogerson, Executive Officer Manager Lisa Owen, who manages payroll, Toni Braga, who manages all grants, Erin Albert, who processes claims, Amy Modispacher, Ashley May, and Katie Dorsey who manage medical billing, Holly Megee, who receives plan review fees, Vince Weaver, who maintains and manages purchases for Support Services, and Master Mechanic Chris Henning, who manages vehicle maintenance parts and repair orders.

The audit is available for viewing on the district’s website at eastforkfire.org.