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East Fork ban on recreational fire pits lifted

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While open burning and most fires on public lands are still illegal, the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts have lifted the ban on recreational fire permits.

Recreational fires refer specifically to those in fire pits, rings and barbecue-type devices, Fire Marshal Steve Eisele said.

The ban was officially lifted on Wednesday, but permits are still required and are available at the fire district offices, 1694 County Road.

Eisele said permits have been required for several years when metal fire pits began appearing in home stores.

Eisele said people don’t require a permit to barbecue on their own property.

It’s important that residents follow the permit, and call in when they are going to have a fire.

“We’re trying to reduce the number of false alarms we get,” he said. “If a neighbor sees the fire and calls it in at least we’ll know for the response.”

He encouraged residents to use the screens that come with the fire pits if they have one.

“I totally extinguish the fire on mine and then douse it with water,” he said. “The pit has a hole in the bottom for the water to run out. Then I put the screen over the top in case God forbid I missed an ember.”

Burning of garbage, rubbish, waste, toxic material, construction debris, plastics or other hydrocarbon products or fuels isn’t allowed.