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Eagle rises from Shell

Record Courier Staff Reports

by Jo Rafferty

Staff Writer

Great Valley Shell gas station is now called Eagle Gas.

A Carson City company has taken ownership of the Gardnerville gas station and upgrades are planned in the future.

On Dec. 1, VR Property Management, which has two Eagle Gas stations in Carson City, raised a temporary Eagle Gas sign over the pumps at 1395 Highway 395.

Company spokeswoman Nina Siddique said they moved in so quickly that they have to play catch up and get some improvements done. She hopes to have a permanent sign up soon.

“Escrow closed really quickly,” said Siddique. “We are still waiting for the signs. We have great plans for the station.”

Eagle Gas in Gardnerville will eventually look much the same as the Carson City locations, with a small grocery/liquor/cigarette store. The owners plan to remodel the auto shop, which is now closed, into the convenience store.

Siddique said so far customers have reacted positively to the low prices they offer on gasoline.

On Monday, the station featured regular unleaded for $1.71 per gallon.

“We’re at least 5 cents lower than the other stations,” said Siddique. “The prices here rapidly changed. The customers gave us good responses.”

Siddique said that they plan to offer competitive prices on items sold in the store as well.

“We have a very low profit margin. We run on volume,” she said.

In January, Eagle Gas will start carrying diesel gas. The store will also sell kerosene and propane.