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Drug ring member receives 15 years in trafficking case

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

One of a dozen members of a drug trafficking ring received 6-15 years in prison on Monday.

Saying he was arrested with the most drugs he’d ever had in his life, Riyantyler A. Hudson, 31, admitted to a count of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Hudson has been in custody since his Oct. 21 arrest and was given credit for 82 days time served.

Attorney Matthew Ence argued that Hudson’s drug habit led him to take a cut for his own use.

“I did know that what I was doing wasn’t the right thing,” Hudson said. “I need to stay sober, and I’m looking forward to getting my life back on track.”

District Judge Tom Gregory sentenced Hudson to 72-180 months and ordered him to pay $1,110 in restitution to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

A second member of the Lake Tahoe trafficking ring, Adam Guenther, admitted Monday to one count of trafficking in heroin and a count of sales of a controlled substance.

Gregory pointed out that should he sentence Guenther to consecutive terms he could face a maximum of 12 years in prison and a $70,000 fine.

Guenther is not eligible for probation at his Feb. 11 sentencing.