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Drayton Boulevard will go through

by Susie Vasquez

Developer Greg Lynn will provide $200,000 toward construction of Drayton Boulevard. The road will serve as the primary access to his proposed Aloha Ranch Development.

The money will be collected in increments as the first 19 building permits are issued and kept in a separate account. Using that money and $200,000 in county funds, Drayton Boulevard will be built from Gitalong Way, the eastern entrance into the development, north to Centerville Lane.

The decision was approved at Thursday’s county commissioners meeting.

Bob Nunes, community development director for Douglas County said the road probably won’t be completed for another five to eight years.

Traffic and congestion issues have been central to arguments from residents east and north of the proposed development.

Residents in Pleasantview to the east did not want Drayton improved due to the inevitable increase in traffic.

Pleasantview homeowner Bob Havranek said Lynn is asking for a lot of favors from neighboring residents to complete his $30 million development, which will include 43 upscale homes costing between $600,000 and $700,000.

“Why not make him pay for the whole thing, rather than transfer the costs to the taxpayers?” he said.

“He’s asking for increased density, from a two acre parcel with 19 homes to half-acre parcels with 43 homes, yet he doesn’t want to pay for the road,” he said. “I’d like the commissioners to have him pave all of Drayton.”

The area is designated as a receiving area and there’s nothing to stop other developers from asking for further increased density, Havranek said.

“It just keeps moving forward,” he said. “That’s what’s happening here.”

Lynn said he did not want to comment.

Marianne Way residents just northwest of the project feel development would bring a disproportionate amount of traffic to their street, but with this decision, Drayton will provide the primary access.

Marianne will not be improved with a left-turn lane and new surface as previously proposed because the neighborhood street will be a secondary road into this project.

Residents in the nearby Pleasantview who will be impacted by this development petitioned and won a number of concessions, including a sound wall barrier, 35 mph speed limit and four-way stop at the intersection of Pleasantview Drive and Drayton.

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