Downed aircraft call really hiker wearing headlamp |

Downed aircraft call really hiker wearing headlamp

Staff Reports

A hiker wearing a headlamp turned out to be the source of a flashing light reported as a downed aircraft on Thursday.

Douglas County Dispatch received a report from a Gardnerville Ranchos resident that there appeared to be a plane down about halfway on Jobs Peak at 5:50 p.m. Wednesday.

East Fork Fire District and sheriff’s personnel responded to the area of Jobs Peak Ranch. Care Flight was called in and circled the area, spotting the man, and confirmed he was OK, according to Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson.

“U.S. Forest Service law enforcement met him and spoke with him,” Fogerson said. “He hikes it on a very regular basis and was just coming back down.”

Members of Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue scanned for, but couldn’t detect, an emergency locator beacon, which might have gone off had there been a plane crash.

The crash call came toward the end of a speed-limit pursuit across the Carson Valley on Mottsville Lane and north onto Foothill Road.

The pursuit started at 5:30 p.m. when deputies spotted the vehicle with a tail light out and expired plates.

Deputies described the vehicle as a black Chevrolet pickup.

The pursuit went through Genoa and back south on Foothill before safety concerns prompted deputies to halt pursuit, according to Sheriff’s Sgt. Pat Brooks.