Douglas will be training hub |

Douglas will be training hub

by Merrie Leininger

With the end of the Legislature, school districts all over the state are waiting for the dust to clear to find out what kind of shape they will be in for the next two years.

Towards the end of the session, legislation was passed that will turn Douglas County into the hub of teacher training for surrounding counties.

Douglas County was named one of the four districts who will operate a regional teacher training center.

The state Legislature created the centers with SB 555 to help teachers learn what they have to teach to comply with the new state curriculum requirements.

“We’re very pleased the money was approved,” said Superintendent Pendery Clark.

Teachers from Carson City, Lyon, Mineral and Churchill counties will come to Douglas for training.

“We will be like the parent center. We will hire three teacher trainers and a clerical person. The trainers will specialize in math, language arts or science. They will train two teachers from every school site, who will go back and train teachers at their schools,” said Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Roy Casey.

Approximately $7 million was approved for state-wide training for two years. Douglas County will receive $1.2 million of that.

“One reason we were chosen was because we’ve had professional development for 16 years,” Clark said.

The other counties that will have the teaching centers are Clark, Elko and Washoe.

n Other legislative changes. The money designated for reduced class size funding was given a little bit of leeway.

“We will still have to have the reduced class sizes in 1, 2, and 3rd grades, but we can use some of that money for extra reading services or math practice. We will be able to use the funds in more flexible ways,” Clark said.

Money was also approved for intersession and summer school for those who need help passing the proficiencies.