Douglas senior hopes to go to Washington, D.C. |

Douglas senior hopes to go to Washington, D.C.

by Sharlene Irete

Imagine being 17 years old and responsible for the security of the nation. The National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy hosts a program that puts high school students in the driver’s seat to build strategies to uphold national security.

Kristin Jarboe, 17, a senior at Douglas High School, is one of those outstanding students honored with a nomination to attend the leadership forum in Washington, D.C. in February.

“It’s hard to understand what you see on TV with foreign policy and diplomats. This will make it easier for me to understand,” said Jarboe. “Everybody should know what’s going on in the country.”

Jarboe is interested in the field of criminology as a career.

“I want to be working with the FBI so this is a good opportunity,” she said about attending the leadership forum.

“I took a forensics class in school. Half the semester was in forensics and half in technology studying cells. I’m not the best in science, but it interests me. I want to go the detective route rather than lab work.”

The tuition of $1,220 for the six-day forum covers lodging, some meals and program materials but doesn’t cover airfare and incidental expenses. Jarboe estimates that the total bill of the trip is $2,000.

The National Youth Leadership Forum is a nonprofit educational organization that helps prepare high school juniors and seniors with scholastic merit and strong leadership potential for future professional careers. More than 100,000 students have attended forums since 1992.

Students are nominated by educators, youth organization advisors or through classroom surveys to attend the forums. Students may also qualify after filing an application. More information may be found at

Besides the Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy program that Jarboe is invited to attend, there are programs offered in nursing, law, medicine and technology.

Jarboe works at Bently Pressurized Bearing Co. as a junior accounts payable clerk, played varsity tennis for three years at Douglas, dances five days a week and is an A-B student with a cumulative 3.23 high school grade point average.

“I’ve been accepted at Arizona State, Fresno State and UNR so I have three options,” she said about what university she’ll choose after graduation from Douglas.

As a participant in the youth forum, Jarboe will explore the careers available in government service. The students are scheduled to listen to internationally recognized policy-makers and senior military officials. Also on the agenda is the participation in simulations of national security crises.

Part of the program is attending workshops on sites such as Andrews Air Force Base, the Department of State, the Marine Corps Combat Development Command at Quantico or the Pentagon.

For information on how to help in her endeavor to attend the Washington forum, call the Jarboe residence at 265-3383.

Who: Kristin Jarboe

What: The National Youth Leadership Forum

Where: Washington, D.C.

When: Feb. 14-19

Information on how to contribute towards tuition: Jarboe residence, 265-3383

Info about National Youth Leadership Forum: