Douglas outskirts getting paper Census |

Douglas outskirts getting paper Census

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While most Douglas County residents will receive a mailed notice encouraging them to participate in the U.S. Census online, some in the more remote corners will also receive a paper questionnaire.

On Monday, the Census revealed where they plan to send questionnaires, including the Lake Tahoe and Topaz Ranch Estates portions of Douglas County.

According to the Census, 95 percent of housing units will receive census invitations.

“Most areas of the country are likely to respond online, so most housing units will receive a letter asking then to go online to complete the census.”

However the Census has also identified areas less likely to respond online

The Census is scheduled to contact people starting mid-March 2020. Any household that hasn’t responded to the first invitation will receive a paper questionnaire by mid-April.

The Census is called for every 10 years in the U.S. Constitution to count every person living in the United States. Starting in May 2020, census takers will start visiting homes that haven’t responded to make sure everyone is counted. For those who aren’t home or can’t come to the door, the census taker will come back up to six times. Each time, they’ll leave a door hanger with a phone number residents can call to schedule a visit.

The census questionnaire asks how many people are in the home at the time the form is completed; their sex, age, race, ethnicity; their relationships to one another; phone number; and whether the home is owned or rented.

The Federal Trade Commission said that scammers posing as Census takers may try to get information from residents.

Census takers must show a photo ID with the U.S. Department of Commerce seal and an expiration date. If asked, the census taker will offer a supervisor’s contact information or the census regional office phone number for verification.

The Census Bureau will not ask for a Social Security number, bank account or credit card numbers, money or donations, or anything on behalf of a political party. The 2020 Census will not ask citizenship status.