Douglas officials advise residents to be cautious |

Douglas officials advise residents to be cautious

by Jeff Munson, Staff Writer

Douglas County agencies remain on a heightened state of alert following three days of retaliation attacks in Afghanistan.

County officials have called on residents to be watchful of any suspicious activities near their workplaces and neighborhoods and to report anything out of the ordinary to authorities.

“The residents of Douglas County need to be on alert,” said Sheriff Ron Pierini. “I would rather have people picking up their phones and calling something in than not picking up the phone and it turning out to be something serious.”

Pierini said examples to watch for may be suspicious trucks parked for several hours unattended, gasoline trucks parked in neighborhoods, abandoned packages and people wearing clothing not suited for the environment or where guns could be concealed.

Minden-Tahoe Airport officials have also taken precautionary measures, such as asking businesses and employees working around the airport to be watchful of suspicious people who don’t belong in aviation areas.

“We’ve asked people to be aware of what’s going on around them, and if people don’t belong in the area, to call us or the sheriff’s department,” said Airport Manager Jim Braswell.

A memo from the FBI was sent Sunday to all county agencies, requesting that law enforcement be “at the highest level of vigilance” and “to be prepared to respond to any act of terrorism or violence should it become necessary.”

The office of Douglas County Emergency Management has also been advised to be prepared for anything in the event of a terrorist attack.

“We are monitoring and watching the news closely,” said Harry Raub, emergency management technician. “The best way to be prepared is the same way we prepare for natural disasters. Having extra food available is always a good idea.”

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