Douglas merchants sales climb in 2016 |

Douglas merchants sales climb in 2016

Merchants in Douglas County wrapped up the fiscal year up nearly 7 percent, according to figures released by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

County businesses conducted $65.76 million in taxable sales during June, up 7.7 percent over the same month in 2016.

That brought the year’s taxable sales up to $709 million, up from $663 million for fiscal year 2015-16.

Food services and drinking places, the county’s largest category, sold $14.2 million in taxable items, up 4.3 percent over June 2016’s $13.6 million. Generated largely at Stateline, June’s total brought the category into the black by half of a percent at $159.8 million.

The county’s general merchandise stores, which include two Walmarts and a Target, saw a 4.4 percent increase to $9 million during June. The year saw $99.8 million in taxable sales, up 1.9 percent.

Motor vehicle and parts dealers posted a 37.1 percent increase during the month, bringing in $4.8 million, despite the county being home to a single car dealership.

Builders and gardeners were busy during the month, purchasing $4.3 million in goods, up 13.4 percent from June 2016.

Merchant wholesalers sold $4.19 million in durable goods during June, up 14.9 percent. The sector saw a 33.2 percent increase to $50.8 million during the year.

As a result of taxable sales, the county raised $1 million, less than the $1.2 million it receives as one of eight counties whose revenues are guaranteed by the state.

The difference is made up by those counties whose sales tax collections exceed their expenditures, such as Clark and Washoe counties, where most of the state’s sales tax is collected.

Clark County merchants conducted $3.6 billion of the state’s $5.1 billion taxable sales during June. Washoe merchants brought in $749 million during the month, more than Douglas generated during the entire year.