Douglas High School principal requests transfer |

Douglas High School principal requests transfer

by Merrie Leininger

Douglas High School and Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School will both lose their principals next year.

DHS principal Bev Jeans announced Monday she has asked for a transfer next year. Jeans did not return calls, but DCSD Superintendent Pendery Clark said Jeans just “wanted to do something different next year. And whether that is in or out of the district, I appreciate her letting me know early on so there is no disruption.”

Clark said as soon as Jeans gave her notice, she called PWLMS Principal Charlie Condron.

“I talked to Charlie and asked if he would accept a transfer to the high school. He thought about it for a while, then said, ‘yes,'” Clark said.

Bev Jeans has been principal at DHS since 1996. Before that, she was assistant superintendent for educational services, principal at Kingsbury Middle School and vice principal at DHS. She came to the district as a teacher at C.C. Meneley in 1987.

The principal of PWLMS makes between $61,000-$74,000, and the DHS principal makes between $63,000-$75,000 depending on how many students are in the school, what degrees they have and many other variables, according to DCSD personnel office.

Neither personnel change will be official until approved by the Douglas County School District trustees March 14.

Jeans and Condron both announced the changes to their staffs Monday, Clark said, in order to avoid rumors.

“After the board meeting, we’ll be talking more about how to create a smooth transition for Charlie so he can start being involved at the high school this year,” Clark said.

She said she immediately thought of Condron because he has detailed information about the competency implementation at the high school level.

“One of the reasons I asked Charlie is he’s very much aware of the requirements of the competencies. He’s been dealing with the 9th grade and has been very much in on our discussions. He is knowledgeable about what needs to be done and what needs to be continued,” Clark said.

Condron said after six years as principal of PWLMS, it will be very difficult to leave, but he is looking forward to going back to his alma mater. Condron has also been principal of Gardnerville Elementary School and Carson Valley Elementary School. He started working in the district in 1976 as a teacher at CVMS.

“With the group of people that work here, you could not not miss them. It was very difficult to tell them I am leaving,” Condron said. “I became a teacher because I wanted to be a high school math teacher, and I only got to do that for two years, so this is like going full circle for me. And I am a Douglas High School graduate from 1970.”

Condron said moving to the high school will be a challenge, but he is ready to meet that challenge.

“It will certainly be more of a challenging position. It is a larger school and there will be a lot more responsibility with students and staff. There are different issues that need to be dealt with. I’m excited about the challenge,” he said.

The district will soon get started on filling Condron’s place at PWLMS, hopefully hiring a replacement before summer. Trustees will also be looking for a principal at Carson Valley Middle School, Clark said, because Rita Elliot is working as interim principal this year only.