Douglas High School highlights students’ artistic expression |

Douglas High School highlights students’ artistic expression

by Sarah Drinkwine and Kelsey Penrose
Artist Chloe Cutter, a senior at Douglas High School is painting a wall mural in room 510.
Jim Grant | The Record Courier

Art classes tend to be full of color, diversity and creativity and Douglas High School senior Chloe Cutter is capturing that with a mural of a goblin in art teacher Rita Borselli’s classroom.

Ever since the school was remodeled a few years ago, Borselli has wanted a mural on her walls and she couldn’t be happier to have assigned that task to Cutter.

“When I see Chloe, she’s always just so ingenious and I knew I could rely on her,” said Borselli. “She’s so consistent and comes in whenever she can, during lunch, sixth period, whenever to get it done. She’s creative, talented, I just couldn’t have gotten a better person.”

Cutter is in Borselli’s Draw and Paint and Graphic Design 2 classes.

“I can appreciate all she is doing. I can see her going far and doing more of this,” said Borselli.

Cutter has been working on the mural for at least two weeks now and her goal is to cover the wall around Borselli’s office with splashes of color.

“I love playing around with color and making everything super colorful,” she said. “I plan to have as much color as possible exploding all around it.”

Cutter said she likes to show diversity through her pieces, especially through creatures like the goblin and being an art class she felt it was an appropriate piece to capture the creativity and diversity of the arts.

“I am inspired by the diversity of human form and I love the concept that every human is different and I like to portray that through exaggerated facial features,” she said. “I decided on the goblin because it just kind of spoke to me and I felt it captured the environment well.”

Cutter said she was honored Borselli chose her to paint the mural.

“Borselli has always been a huge supporter in my art and my vision and she wanted to have a piece of me in her classroom after I graduate,” said Cutter. “She’s always been an inspiration to me as well and I was happy to do it.”

Borselli said Cutter also had taken three years of drawing and paint classes from Zoe Shorten whom the credit for her perfected talent and skills were developed from.

” I received Chloe after she came from Zoe and am the recipient of the skills she was taught from her,” said Borselli. “If not for Zoe, Chloe would not have learned those skills to create a mural of that size and I felt Zoe deserved some recognition too. ”

Aside from the mural Cutter is among at least 300 other student artists showcasing their work at the Douglas High School Student Art Show 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. Thursday in the media center.

Art students worked to produce work in time for the Spring Art Show, including art created from all different mediums.

The artists range from freshmen to seniors all capturing their unique diversity and creativity ranging in drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, ceramics, metal work and mixed media.

“It’s about highlighting students’ best work through a collaboration from the students and teachers and exhibiting their pieces,” said Borselli.

“Many of the pieces featured in the art show are award winners from this year’s national Scholastic Art contest,” added ceramics teacher Kelley Yost. “We had several students who won state honors, first place at the state level, and a few who won awards at the national level.”

The Scholastic Art contest is sponsored by the Nevada Museum of Art.

Juniors Beck Neal and Megan Xin were both awarded Gold Key, or first place, awards at the state level.

Megan Xin’s piece also won an award at the national level.

Admission is free for the public, and the DHS Jazz Band, Douglas Dynamics and other members of the music department will also be providing musical entertainment throughout the evening.