Douglas High finds the homecoming spirit |

Douglas High finds the homecoming spirit

by Scott Neuffer

Douglas High homecoming this week has lined up perfectly with the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Tiger.

“We chose the Year of the Tiger for the theme because it encompassed all that we want here at DHS,” said English and leadership teacher Karen Lamb. “We want the reminder that DHS is a community which, despite all of our differences, has one common thread: we are all Tigers. Both staff and students have this one thing that ties us all together. Being a Douglas Tiger is exciting and memorable.”

Although the homecoming football came against Hug High isn’t until 6 p.m. Friday, the school is celebrating, and preparing, all week.

“As always we have our dress-up days,” Lamb said.

Those include Camo Day, Twin Day, Tacky Tourist Day, Spirit Day and Generation Day, during which sophomores dress like babies, juniors dress like adults, and seniors dress like, well, seniors.

There’s also plenty of pep rallying going on with sumo wrestling, chopstick relays and stroller/shopping cart/wheelchair races.

“The highlight of this year’s homecoming is that we want involvement, and we are really trying to increase school spirit,” Lamb said. “School spirit is important because it makes for a more upbeat and positive student body. It makes DHS a better place to be, and when students enjoy being at school, they do better in school in all ways, academically and socially.”

Lamb said DHS leadership has 34 students “who work tons of hours to make the dances, rallies, and events fun and entertaining.”

“They are a creative and driven group this year who aren’t afraid to stay late and come early because they know that events like this increase the feeling of community we need in all high schools,” she said.

This year, the nominees for homecoming king and queen are Asher Moody, Jessica Vega, Daniel Lundergreen, Shannon Sturgess, Matt Thomas, Shannon Dugan, Chris Downs, Carson McFadden, Jonny Lawrence and Naomi Roberts.