Douglas grand jury indicts two arrested in drug bust |

Douglas grand jury indicts two arrested in drug bust

by Jeff Munson

The Douglas County grand jury has indicted two Gardnerville residents who were involved in a methamphetamine bust last year that netted 22 people.

The indictment is the first criminal indictment laid down by the Douglas grand jury, said District Judge David Gamble.

“They’ve been working really hard. The criminal indictment is one facet, separate of their normal work,” Gamble said.

The grand jurors meet frequently and make inquiries into everything from residents’ complaints to the working facets of county government, Gamble said. The grand jurors meet in subcommittees and routinely write up reports, which will be presented formally to district court judges Gamble and Michael Gibbons sometime this year.

So far, grand jurors have responded to the criminal indictment of Gary P. Patellaro and Rebecca Martin-Wilcox and have made inquiries into several complaints. Some have resulted in formal investigations, Gamble said.

Patellaro andMartin-Wilcox, who reside on Azul Way in Gardnerville, were indicted Feb. 20 on four felony drug charges. On Monday, Gibbons ordered a continuance of a planned arraignment to March 19.

One of the accused, Catherine Wurster of Carson City, has agreed to serve as a witness in the indictments of Patellaro and Martin-Wilcox.

According to court documents, the pair are accused of manufacturing methamphetamine in their home. On Dec. 6, the pair were arrested along with 20 others in a sting that stretched from Northern Nevada to Montana.

Of the arrests, 14 people are from Carson City, two are from Gardnerville, one from Storey County and five from Montana.