Douglas Dukes celebrate Fourth |

Douglas Dukes celebrate Fourth

Staff Reports
Members of the Douglas Dukes Car Club with Kim of Kim's Donuts.
Rich Morec

The Douglas Dukes Car Club gathered at Kim’s Donut Shop in Gardnerville to celebrate the Fourth of July on Wednesday.

Members brought 19 vintage vehicles in front of the shop that morning.

One of the founding fathers of the club, Don Ciriello, said he’s been collecting classic cars for 40 years.

The 13-year Gardnerville resident said there are 70 members in the club, though not everyone is active.

Though his shirt says president, he said that’s true of every member, since the club doesn’t stand on ceremony much.

“Everybody’s a president,” he said, laughing.

The club has become so large that they have a little trouble finding venues where they can meet.