Douglas County’s water is best in state |

Douglas County’s water is best in state

by Amy Alonzo

Next time you’re thirsty, reach for a cold glass of water — Douglas County has some of the best in the state.

Douglas County Utilities was recently awarded best-tasting water in Nevada for the second time in four years.

The Cave Rock Water Treatment Plant was awarded top honors by the Nevada Rural Water Association in March. The Cave Rock facility services areas including Lakeside, Cave Rock and Skyland.

The county’s Montana water system was a close second, Bob Forester, executive director of the water association, said at a Reno conference, where the winners were announced. Montana services homes near Jack’s Valley Road north of Genoa.

“The water out of lake Tahoe is typically very clean and is very desirable,” said Tim DeKurk, Douglas County utilities superintendent. “The combination of being close to the lake or at the base of the mountains seems to produce some very high quality water.”

In 2014 Douglas County Utilities won first place for a Genoa well; in 2015, the Glenbrook Water Cooperative was awarded first place in the state. That year Glenbrook’s sample was sent to finals in Washington, D.C., where the sample won first place in the nation.

“I think we have a great source, whether it be wells or the lake,” DeTurk said. “This is a big deal. Around here, you kind of take it you’re going to have pretty good quality water. The message is it’s truly an advantage to live here.”

Douglas County has 13 water systems with a 14th, Clear Creek, underway. Clear Creek will serve the Highway 50 area above Jacks Valley.