Douglas County students excited for new school year |

Douglas County students excited for new school year

Chris and Sarah Hammer walk with their children Natalie, 9, and Daniel, 6, to Meneley Elementary on the first day of school Monday morning.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

Traffic slowed Monday morning as big yellow buses made their way from stop to stop on the first day of school in Douglas County.

As buses pulled into Meneley Elementary School, not one glum face stepped onto the campus. Instead, students seemed excited to leave summer behind and greet another year of school as they reunited with friends and entered the building with their backpacks slung over their shoulders and lunch bags in tote.

Brother and sister, Abram and Abigail Gertsch, age 4, were looking forward to school.

Waiting by her classroom first-grader Gabriela Fernandez said she was looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to know her new school after transferring from Scarselli Elementary.

In Toni Gumm’s first-grade class, students settled into their seats and began coloring a fish. Some were coloring with their favorite colors and others decided to make a rainbow fish.

“They came right in and found their names and seats,” said Gumm. “That’s a good sign. It’s always exciting on the first day of school. You see how excited the kids are and that makes you get excited too.”

Gumm said this year her students will learn to read, recognize words and comprehension. They also will learn about geography starting small with a school community then increasing in size to neighborhoods, cities and states.

Gumm said the most important thing she wants her students to learn is never give up.

“Something we want to encourage is the difference between a fixed mind set and growth mind set. Meaning instead of trying and giving up because you can’t do something, you think ‘I can’t do this yet, but it’s something I’m going to work on and try again,’” said Gumm.

Throughout the halls of the school students were listening with interest as their teachers introduced themselves and what the school year holds for them.