Douglas County restaurant inspections for Dec. 4-9 |

Douglas County restaurant inspections for Dec. 4-9

Staff Reports

Carson City Health and Human Services conducts inspections of Douglas County restaurants, bars and other businesses. The Record-Courier publishes them online as they come in and prints them as space is available in the newspaper.

Dec. 4

El Aguila Real Mexican, Gardnerville — Restaurant — Score 95

Raw eggs in reach-in cooler below the prep table stored above pots full of uncovered food items. Product in containers in reach-in and walk-in coolers not covered to protect contents. Soiled cardboard seen used to store food and food containers below prep table. The interior food and nonfood contact surfaces of the ice machine had significant buildup of biofilm. Two fluorescent light bulbs in fixture above dishwasher missing end caps on tube shields.

Dec. 8

Holiday Day In Express, Minden — Restaurant, buffet — Score 100

No violations

Dec. 9

Pizza Factory, Gardnerville — Restaurant — Score 91

Ice scoop stored on soiled surface. Ceiling light fixture shield in storage area soiled. Inside surfaces of ice machine has biofilm buildup along with large amounts of dust, dirt and grime. Ice buckets stored upside down on a rusty soiled surface. Can opener blade soiled with old food. Food slicer and prep table cutting board very soiled. Outside surfaces, vents and filters of ice machine heavily soiled with dirt, dust and grime. Hot water faucet valve on three-compartment sink missing and lockwrench used to operate valve. Handwashing sink piping leaking. Outside trash area has heavy accumulation of dirt, trash, weeds and tumbleweeds. Majority of floors, drains, coving and lower walls moderately to heavily soiled. Mops stored in dirty mop bucket water.

Maverik Gas Station, Minden — Market — Score 98

Slight building up of biofilm in ice machine. Freal milkshake machines food surfaces soiled. Prep table cutting board scarred with buildup of black mold.