Douglas County restaurant inspections for Dec. 22 |

Douglas County restaurant inspections for Dec. 22

Carson City conducts health inspections for the Douglas County.

Dec. 21

Ace Hardware


1406 Industrial, Gardnerville

Score: 100

Dec. 22

Pho Chopsticks


1329 Highway 395, Gardnerville

Score: 71

Food is spoiled and stored in upright reach-in cooler (meat and calamari).

During inspection, no personnel washed their hands during food preparation activities. When asked if employees peeling raw shrimp had washed their hands they said, “yes.” Hand washing was never observed and no used paper towels were in any trash cans in kitchen.

Dry ingredient tubs of product were not labeled as to contents.

Food in tubs stored on floor of the walk-in cooler.

Uncovered food throughout the coolers, freezers and other storage ares were observed.

Dirty dishes/utensils/equipment were observed being stored on food storage racks in kitchen.

Soiled dishes were stored next to a bag of whole Spanish onions on the storage rack in kitchen.

The handle of the rice scoop was buried in the rice in its storage tub.

Small wiping towels were attached to the wok handles with rubber bands so the food preparation personnel would not burn hands.

No chlorine test strips were in the facility to monitor the wipe cloth bucket sanitizer solution.

All food containers (buckets, tubs, etc.) in walk-in cooler were full of product and were very soiled.

All cutting boards were cut, scarred and had buildup of old food product and mold.

The interior food contact surfaces of the ice machine were very soiled with a significant buildup of mold.

The interior of all the reach-in coolers and freezers and storage units were very soiled.

The inside of the small oven was extremely soiled.

The handwashing sink had old food product in it.

The floor in the walk-in cooler was very soiled, especially in the corners behind the rack legs.

Tin foil was observed covering equipment, glassware and food-storage shelving.

The overhead air conditioning unit in the kitchen is extremely soiled with pieces of duct tape hanging from it.

One baffle is missing over the grill.

The facility generally is cluttered and disorganized; remove unnecessary items and organize items used in the facility.

Clean and soiled wiping cloths were observed to be used covering foods, and as a storage surface for equipment and food containers.

One Food Service Manager must be on duty at all hours of operation.

All personnel working in food preparation, handling, etc., must have Food Handler card.

All employees must have these certification cards within 30 days of this inspection (Jan. 25).

Majority of the items of this inspection must be corrected to satisfaction of this department within two weeks of this inspection (Jan. 6).