Douglas County panel endorses 8-home Ranchos project |

Douglas County panel endorses 8-home Ranchos project

The Road to Damascus was a little smoother for a small subdivision behind a Gardnerville church on Tuesday.

The eight-unit project’s original design was rejected by both planning and county commissioners because a variance shortened the length of road between an intersection and the entrance.

Project representative Bill Nichols said the original plan was suggested by the county engineering department. He said he was pleased the redesign addressed most of the public’s objections.

The eight-unit subdivision named Chapel Crest is located on five acres behind Damascus Road Christian Assembly.

Nichols pointed out to planning commissioners that to get to Tuesday’s meeting the property had to undergo a master plan amendment, zone change, and this was its second time seeking a tentative map approval.

The property is zoned single family residential with 12,000 square foot lots.

Gardnerville Ranchos resident Jim DeGraffenried argued against allowing the eight lots, saying that while it is the same zoning as that to the north and south, it was the exception in that portion of the Ranchos.

Resident Ron Bush said he was pleased to see the project’s redesign and felt an obligation to come to the planning commission and support the project.

The entrance to the cul-de-sac was the reason both planning and county commissioners denied the proposal on its first run.

Nichols told planning commissioners homes would be one-story and not that different from the ones on the north and south side.

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District is scheduled to discuss the project on Sept. 4. It must obtain their approval before a final map is recorded.