Douglas County goes to the polls |

Douglas County goes to the polls

Nicole Grant holds her 6-month-old son Travis while voting in the Ranchos on Tuesday morning.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

The weather was brisk and so was voting in Nevada’s oldest precinct on Tuesday morning.

While not to the point where people were quite lining up, the first hour of voting for Election Day 2016 in Genoa promised a busy day for pollworkers.

“I think most of our polling locations had lines, it has been very steady and busy,” said Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis. “It’s very exciting.”

The polls are open today through 7 p.m.

“It’s our right to vote,” Genoa resident Sher Hutchings said. “Our forefathers fought for this.”

Shawn St. Peter said voting is important to improving the future.

“This is the way we make things better,” he said.

Genoa resident Katherine Rogney voted on her way to babysit.

“I’ve never missed an election,” she said.

Kathy Diehl said voting is one of the things that separates the United States from other countries.

“It’s our privilege,” she said. “Without it we would be one of those third-world countries.”

Lewis said she was expecting a late night.

Results won’t be available until after lines have cleared in Clark and Washoe counties, she said.

“We can’t release until the secretary of state gives us the go ahead, and I don’t think they will give us the go ahead until all polls are closed statewide,” she said.

“I think that might mean a late night as we wait for Washoe and Clark to get their voters through the lines.”