Douglas County finalizes tentative budget |

Douglas County finalizes tentative budget

While money was set aside to work on Topaz Lake’s roads, residents there shouldn’t expect that to happen every year, county commissioners said on Monday.

The county finalized its tentative budget on Monday after a seven-day slog that saw them going through it line by line.

Included in the budget was $354,000 to work on the roads in the neighborhood overlooking the south county reservoir.

That money would not be available to work on the roads until after the budget goes into effect on July 1. Commissioners still have to approve the final budget for the state on May 20.

“It needs to be communicated these are one-time monies,” Commissioner Larry Walsh said. “At some point in time they are going to have to pay for their own roads. Other areas of the county are taxing themselves for roads.”

Commissioner Nancy McDermid agreed, saying that money could go someplace else next year.

“Funding is ongoing to be determined through the budget process by the board,” she said.

Commissioner Barry Penzel said the money was going into the road operating fund.

“We need to have one more discussion before we get too far down the road,” he said.

County commissioners have opposed using general fund money to pay for local roads.

The three towns, several improvement districts and even homeowners associations pay increased taxes and fees to maintain roads in their communities.

Because all those taxpayers also pay the county general tax, the county decided that using that money to pay for local roads essentially taxed those residents twice.

With assessed valuation expected to crack $3 billion for the first time since the Great Recession, county officials are expecting property tax revenues to increase to $21.67 million.

Sales tax and gaming revenues are also budgeted to increase to $13.9 million.

The projected total general fund revenue is $46.8 million up slightly from last year’s budget of $44.57 million.

Expenses are projected to be $47.7 million, including $32 million in personnel services and $10.2 million in services and supplies.

The towns of Genoa, Gardnerville and Minden are included in the county budget as their own funds.