Douglas County Commissioners to take up trash rates Thursday |

Douglas County Commissioners to take up trash rates Thursday

by Amy Alonzo

Douglas Disposal, Inc. customers may soon see their trash rates go up.

Douglas County Commissioners are set to discuss on Thursday possible increases that will affect residential, commercial and transfer station rates.

If approved, the rate changes will go into effect May 1.

The rate increases were requested by Douglas Disposal and are allowed under the Solid Waste Services Franchise Agreement.

If commissioners approve the proposed resolution, residential rates will increase by .9-1.22 percent; commercial rates will increase by 1.17-1.23 percent; and transfer station rates will increase up to 1.32 percent.

For residents with a 32-gallon can, that means an increase from $16.59 to $16.78 per month; those with two 32-gallon cans will see a jump from $23.40 to $23.67.

For commercial customers, a 32-gallon can or bag will rise from $4.88 to $4.94 and a 6-yard dumpster will increase from $231.72 to $234.50.

Transfer station rates for objects such as refrigerators, TV monitors and propane tanks are not set to increase. However, solid waste per ton will rise from $104.77 to $105.98 and green waste per ton will go from $48.90 to $49.02 per ton.

Previous disposal rate increases were implemented in 2010 and 2012.

The towns of Minden and Gardnerville each operate their own trash collection services.