Douglas County 4-H annual Awards Night Ceremony |

Douglas County 4-H annual Awards Night Ceremony

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Back: Kiwanis members Steve Lewis, Gary Dove, John Adams, Mike Henningsen and Sierra Montana. Front: Junior Portfolio winners Courtney Polish, Reese Christensen, Seth Douglas and 4-H team member Angel Jardine.
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Douglas County 4-H held its annual Awards Night Program on Oct. 9 with more than 200 in attendance. Members received Year Pins, Project Medals and Portfolio/Recordbook Awards based on their hard work and commitment to their 4-H program. Volunteers and community supporters were also on hand to be honored and to share in the festivities.

The evening started off with the formal awards program which is planned and led by the 4-H Teen Ambassadors.

The evening concluded with door prizes followed by the end of year Power Point presentation with photos and music from the 4-H year (Oct. 1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017). 4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. 4-H is a youth development program of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

A highlight of the night is the announcement of The Portfolio/Recordbook winners. A total of 62 entries were received this year. 4-H community supporters, spend an entire day judging the portfolios that contain ongoing and current years record keeping, essays and photos combined into a specific format. The Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley is the sponsor of the cash awards for the winners.

On hand to present the awards were Kiwanis members President Mike Henningsen, John Adams, MaryEllen Conoway Gary Dove, Steve Lewis and Sierra Montana.

Cloverbud Portfolio winners (ages 5-8): Alex Laws; Londyn Smith; Sara Summers; Eli VanderMay

Junior Portfolio winners (ages 9-10): Reese Christensen 1st place tie; Courtney Polish 1st place tie; Danica Pinto 2nd place; Seth Douglas 3rd place

Intermediate Portfolio winners (ages 11-13): Grady Frensdorff 1st place; Lillie McKinney 2nd place tie; Julianne Ellis 2nd place tie; Cheyenne Williams 3rd place

Senior Portfolio winners (ages 14 & up): Paige Radelfinger 1st place; Ava Ramsey-Kruse 2nd place; Sarah VanNest 3rd place

Friends of 4-H (4-H Community Supporters of 2014-15): 5 Clover Ranch; Ace Hardware; Amaker Ranch; Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms; Bently Ranch; Barbara Byington; Carol Aldax; Cabela’s; Cal-Ranch; Carl & Marilyn Malkmus; Carson Valley Clays Shotgun Range; Carson Valley Fiber Arts Guild; Carson Valley Times; Carson Valley United Methodist Church; Clarence Burr; Corley Ranch; Papa Murphy’s Pizza; Douglas County Parks & Recreation; Douglas County School District; Eric Rieman and Analynn Settlemeyer; Larry & Sherry Darling; Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept.; Douglas County Farm Bureau; Full Circle Compost; James Settelmeyer; JT Basque Bar & Dining Room; Joe Benigno’s Tree Service; Kiwanis Club of the Carson Valley; Laxague Feed; Les Schwab; Meek’s Lumber; Raley’s; The Record-Courier; Smith’s; Tractor Supply Company; and Terry Wass

4-H Members Awards

*member received their Year Pin (To earn a Year Pin the 4-H member must achieve a 75% attendance at meetings, perform community service, participate in fundraising and exhibit at an event)

**member received Year Pin and Project Medal (To earn a Project Medal the member must also complete an extensive Portfolio from their 4-H year)

1st Year Members

Banyte-Neely, Lukas

Baxter, Abbie*

Baxter, Benjamin

Blake, Leandra*

Bleeker, Carter

Bleeker, Gunnar

Brinkley, Savannah*

Brugger, Harper*

Brugger, Zoe*

Cahn, Aidan

Cerda, Abigail*

Cerda, Zoey

Charles, Lilah

Chesebrough, Addison

Chesebrough, Brennan

Christensen, Reese**

Cole, Kendall*

Detsch, Mirabelle*

Dunagan, Austin

Dunagan, Trent

Elliot, Emily*

Elliot, Isabel*

Elliott, Timothy

Emmans, Brooke**

Esterby, Jack*

Evans, Thomas*

Frazee, Grace*

Frazee, Robert

Garrison, Charlie

George, Journey

Glover, Ty**

Gouveia, Ben

Hallin, Charles

Hallin, Dan

Hines, Serenity

Hoover, Jacob

Hoover, Joshua

Hulet, Troy**

Hysmith, Bennet*

Kavanagh, Ashlynn

Kavanagh, Ella

Kelly, Ember*

Klein, Ari

Koontz, Kyle

Laws, Alexander**

Locken, Elizabeth

Locken, James

Lopez, Sam*

Manthey, Ryland

Merrithew, Ellie

Merrithew, Kylie

Merten, Sequoia*

Murdock, Brice

Neely, Izabella

Neely, Nicole

Nilssen, Soren

Nilssen, Svea

Ortiz, Canyon*

Ortiz, James*

Ortiz, Kadence*

Park, Landon

Pfeil, Charlie*

Pfeil, Henry*

Pledger, Hannah*

Pledger, Haylie*

Polish, Courtney**

Polish, John*

Sept, Bailee

Sept, Mason

Shepherd, Daysha

Shoemaker, Jade*

Smith, Harley

Smithers, Alyssa*

Smokey, Aspen**

Smokey, Stormee**

Stankute, Suzanna*

Straub, Hannah

Thomann, Nolani

Thompson, Sabella*

Tuohy, Iona*

Van Lokeren, Marie*

VanderMay, Eli**

Wagoner, Jillian

Wagoner, Vivian

Weller, Amianna*

Weller, Elizabeth*

Weller, Susanna*

Wetmore, Bethany*

Wetmore, Hannah*

Wilson, Jacob

2nd Year Members

Bilderback, Blaine

Bilderback, Carissa**

Bohnet, Mackenzie

Butterfield, Kasha

Butterfield, Zoe

Campbell, Shiloh*

Guerra, Alex

Guerra, Charlotte**

Guerra, Juliet**

Hulsey, Kahlea**

Hurson, Robert

Klein, Mica**

Klein, Rino

Kondo, Akira

Long, Alyssa

Long, Amber

Murphy, Krista

Rose, Rachel

Smith, Brooklyn**

Smith, Isaac

Smith, Londyn**

Snooks, Christian**

Snooks, Trenton**

Sommers, Grace*

Taylor, Caitlin

Timpone, Alexandra*

Watson, Kruz

Williams, Nathaniel

3rd Year Members

Baligad, Soma**

Bilderback, Ariana**

Boogman, Kati**

Brown, Reagan

Bryant, Joshua

Carr, Lindsay**

Davies, Cooper**

Deem, Auryn**

Douglas, Seth**

Hernandez, Jenessa

Kelly, Layne

Klein, Caine**

Lawrence, Evan**

Lopez, David

McLelland, Camryn*

McLelland, Marissa*

Nothum, Samantha**

Olocki, Ethan

Plascencia, Jaykob*

Radelfinger, Jace

Rustan, Shane

Van Lokeren, Arianna

Walters, Whitney**

4th Year Members

Apple, Caleb**

Apple, Shelby**

Bonafede, Noah**

Boogman, Ruth**

Bryant, Sarah**

Collins, Marin

Lee, Barrett

Meenan, Emery*

Meenan, Madison

Pierce, Gunnar

Rose, Ariel

Summers, Sara**

Whalen, Brody*

5th Year Members

Frensdorff, Grady**

Gower, Michelle**

Hinnant, Leonna*

Lopez, Sophie

Niccoli, Iris*

Peterson-Hoyos, Lillyana

Pinto, Danica**

Pinto, Savannah**

Ponsness, Karlyn

Ponsness, Lars

Williams, Cheyenne**

Yenkole, Corey

6th Year Members

Best, Tyra

Fournier, Luke*

Hernandez, Anthony

Peterson-Hoyos, Jazzmin

7th Year Members

Billman, Elizabeth**

Ellis, Julianne**

Fournier, Faye*

Fournier, Hailey*

Laxague, Logan**

Nalder, Corinne

Rieman, Rosealee

Summers, Jonathan**

VanNest, Sarah**

Yenkole, Zoe**

8th Year Members

Harmon, Raven

Radelfinger, Paige**

Walters, Shaylynn**

9th Year Members

Allen, Griffin**

Hearn, Natalie**

Hone, Emily*

McKinney, Lillie**

Ramsey-Kruse, Ava**

Ramsey-Kruse, Leah**

10th Year Members

Allen, Liam**

Harmon, Rowan

11th Year Members

Rego, Randolph*

4-H Pet Treat Fundraiser Top Sales Winners

Brooke Emmans, Leonna Hinnant, Cheyenne Williams

4-H Senior High School Scholarship Awardees

Benjamin, Baxer, Ruth Boogman, Emily Hone, Corinne Nalder, Lars Ponsness, Rosealee Rieman

4-H Project Volunteer Leaders and Years as a Volunteer

Beef Project-Anna Lekumberry 1yr

Beyond Gardening Project- Jennifer Hearn 2yrs, Allison Ramsey 7yrs

Cloverbud Project-Michelle McLelland 1yr

Carson Valley Shepherds-Nita Vick 28yrs

Crochet Project-Michon Chandler 2yrs, Judith Waite 1yr

Goat Project-Matt McKinney 11yrs

Hiking Project – Karen Fregoso 1yr

Horse-Karen Stout 1yr, Jen Pinto 1yr

Rabbit Project- Michon Chandler 2yrs

Shooting Sports Project- Liam Allen-teen leader, Scott Atkins 4yrs., Benjamin Baxter-teen leader, Kevin Baxter 1yr, Tom Crowley 2yrs, Mike Davies 2yrs, Judie Fisher-Crowley 2yrs, John Glover 1yr, Mitch Gower 1yr, Jared Harmon 5yrs, Cody McDonald 1yr, Joe Nenzel 3yrs, Ryan Polish 1yr, Greg Ponsness 4yrs, Ben Rego 7yrs, Eric Rieman 3yrs, Rosealee Rieman-teen leader, Pete Yenkole 1yr

Speaking With Confidence Project-Steve Lewis-21yrs

Swine Project – Justin Dagenhart 1yr, Anna Lekumberry 1yr

Quilting Projects-Heather Nelson 13yrs, Jill Williams 5yrs

Teen Ambassadors/Self-Determined Projects – 4-H Staff

We thank all of our members, parents, volunteer leaders and community supporters for helping to “Make the Best Better” for our youth in Douglas County 4-H.

To learn more about 4-H in Douglas County, call the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension at (775) 782-9960.