Douglas adds drop box for tax payments |

Douglas adds drop box for tax payments

by Sheila Gardner

Douglas County residents now have the option of paying taxes 24 hours a day, thanks to a drop box installed on the south end of the old courthouse in Minden.

“We’ll see how successful this is and we may look at other sites,” said Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Reed.

With final county property tax installments due Monday, residents have an opportunity to try out the drop box this weekend.

“The vault inside is extremely secure and weather protected,” Reed said. “We would, however, discourage people from putting cash in there.”

She said the box will be emptied Monday through Friday after 4 p.m.

Residents can also use the drop box for absentee ballots, Reed said.

She said deputy treasurer Mary Wenner came up with the concept, so that elderly or disabled residents could conduct business with the county without having to leave their cars or climb the steps to the treasurer’s office in the old courthouse.

The box is located on the Mono alley side of the building.

“If someone comes in on Ninth Street and turns left onto Mono alley, they can drive right up to the box and drop the payment in without getting out of the car,” Reed said.

The box was installed by the county for $1,200.

“We’re doing our best to be open and accessible and provide good public service,” Reed said.