Dolfin mural headed into the sunset |

Dolfin mural headed into the sunset

The Douglas Dolfins mural at the Carson Valley Swim Center on Monday.
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It’s possible the Douglas Dolfins mural at Carson Valley Swim Center will be painted over this week.

Douglas Dolfins President Kathy Chappell said she learned in the last two weeks that the mural, painted by Margaret Biggs in 1992 was going to be removed.

“That’s why we decided to hurry up and take a picture,” she said. “It’s the 50th year of the Douglas Dolfins in the Valley, and it also just happens to be the year they’re painting over the dolphins.”

Chappell said the club would love to have it stay.

“Who is it hurting to have the mural on the wall?” she said. “They redid the indoor and outdoor pool, and there are tiled dolphins in the pool. It ties into the whole facility.”

There are 80-100 members in the Douglas Dolfins Swim Club. Almost 100 Dolfins and former Dolfins turned out on Tuesday for a picture under the mural.

Carson Valley Swim Center Director Linda Rigdon said the walls haven’t been painted in 22 years.

“It’s been on the capital improvement plan for years,” she said. “We let them know last week that if they wanted to get one last picture they could.”

Rigdon said the last paint to touch the wall was when Margaret Biggs painted the mural featuring two dolphins.

She said other teams use the swim center and that the center is providing space for banners.

“The high school never had anything up there,” she said. “We have a new Special Olympics team and a masters team.”

She said she asked the Dolfins team to design a banner for the pool last summer.

“It’s unfortunate,” she said. “The mural means a lot to some people.”

She said the new murals by the little pools are very popular and not any for one group.

Artist Margaret Biggs said she remembers that Gale and Judy Maynor asked her to paint the mural.

“Their son was swimming and they were officials,” she said. “They wanted to have something for the Douglas Dolfins on the wall. I came up with a design, and the swim team approved it.”

She said the work took four or five days to complete.

“I’m kind of sad to see it go away,” she said. “It meant a lot to a lot of members of the swim team. But 25 years down the road, there are a different bunch of people living here that don’t have the historical mindset we do.”

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