Dogs make splash in Minden |

Dogs make splash in Minden

A splash dog soars through the air to the delight of the crowd at the Carson Valley Inn's birthday celebration on Sunday.
Jim Grant | The Record-Courier

A Splash Dog demonstration drew as many as 300 people to the Carson Valley Inn’s 29th anniversary party on Sunday, and 75 of their dogs.

“The splash dog attendance was overwhelming,” Marketing Director Bill Henderson said. “The stands were filled for every heat and there were many other people hanging around.”

Not all the dogs were professionals at the sport, which has dogs jumping off a pier after toys thrown over a pool.

“It amazed me how many local people brought their dogs,” he said. “Many of them were there to give it a try, but there were also many who brought their dogs just to walk them around on a leash.”

Henderson said the dogs were well behaved.

“They all played well in the sandbox,” he said.

The inaugural concert for the Carson Valley Inn’s new Valley Sky Theatre saw good attendance, too, Henderson said.

“We had about 700 people come in and watch the concert and then go watch the splash dogs,” he said. “The event was designed so people could come and go. The splash dogs and the concert were synergistic. I didn’t expect that.”

The theater seats 800 people, with room for another 100-150 on the lawn.

Henderson said people told him they didn’t realize where the theater was located on the property.

Having permanent rest rooms at the venue was also something people thanked the Carson Valley Inn for.

The Blues Monsters were the opening act for the new venue. Henderson said the first paid concert will be Collin Raye on Aug. 23, and they hope to have a second concert this season.

“Then look out for us in 2014,” he said.