Dog park a welcome addition in Johnson Lane |

Dog park a welcome addition in Johnson Lane

by John Hefner

Hallejuah! The new dog park is open and from what I see it is a huge success. I drive by in the mornings and see 3-4 pups. In the evenings at dusk I have seen double that. Perhaps it is the dog trainers. The postings have for the most part been very positive. Some post about people not picking up after their family members in the natural area but other than that I would say it is a success and much appreciated. Again, a huge thank you to Scott Morgan and all the staff at Parks and Recreation that helped bring this vision to reality.

In Scouting News, (There is a lot!). Troop 33 reluctantly had to postpone its large fundraiser for the year, which is the car show held at Fuji Park in August. It is should be back next year assuming we get back to some normal lifestyle. Huge thank you’s to those businesses that allowed the troop to keep the trophy funds as a donation and to those people who registered but also told the troop to keep the registration fees as a donation. Those funds will help with dues, patches and camping expenses.

Malia O’Brien says “We have a Scouts BSA troop for girls in Carson Valley now. We meet every other Wednesday at Johnson Lane park. The program is similar to Boy Scouts — all the merit badges and rank up through Eagle and the same summer camp options. The troop is just all girls. There are many options for our girls in the community- Girl Scouts, 4-H, sports and now we have a new option for girls looking for something a little different. My favorite part is that my daughter grew up watching her brothers have a lot of fun in Boy Scouts and now she has the opportunity to do the same program with a troop of all girls. Anyone interested can contact me at or 775-790-0385.

Finally Troop 33 is one of the longest Boy Scout Troops in the State of Nevada. Never in their history have they had scouts earn what is called the Triple Crown Award. This past June 2 scouts and two Scoutmaster did just that! The triple crown award is given to a scout who attends at least three high adventure camps. Our scouts started their quest by going to Philmont Scout Ranch back in 2019. That experience was then followed by going to Northern Tier High Adventure in Canada in 2019. The quest was accomplished after they attended Sea Base High Adventure in Florida this year. It was a huge challenge under the threat of COVID-19 since they were not even sure if they would be able to travel to the camp. The award recipients are: Ken Kruse, Scoutmaster for Troop 33, Matthew Kruse, Asst Scoutmaster, Evan Gray, and Victor Valdez. Congratulations for leading the way and being outstanding examples to the rest of the troop and young men everywhere.

Final in scouting news Dylan Hassman has completed his requirements for Eagle Scout. He passed the board of review and is now just waiting for the COVID situation to calm down so they can have a Eagle Court of Honor. Congratulations to Dylan, Rick and Laura Hassman. Yes, Rick we know you worked just as hard as he did!

Last thought, recently a past commander of mine has been taking me around to different hikes in Tahoe. Captain Pomin’s Rock, Cave Rock and the beaches on the east shore. Having lived here for 30 plus years, I was always curious but never wondered off to explore. Jeff Rauh has been awesome at giving us tours of these special locations. I can’t thank him enough for letting us into his awesome world of hiking. He could and should probably be charging for it! Now I know why all those cars are parked along Highway 267 risking a ticket or a tow. Those beaches are sights to be seen, well except there were some sights at the nude beaches that shouldn’t be seen! I looked at the crystal-clear water because my eyesight is valuable to me!

Summer is coming to a close folks, get out there and enjoy what we can of 2020 because this is one heckava year and by all means wear your mask but not while hiking.

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