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District review approved by committee

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A bill requiring general improvement districts to justify their existence advanced out of committee on Friday.

Senate Bill 462 was recommended by the Senate Committee on Government Affairs after members learned that the bill didn’t actually alter the means to dissolve a district.

The bill would allow county commissioners to create a committee to determine whether a district should be continued modified, consolidated, merged or dissolved.

Under the bill, districts would have to prove they meet a public need. That would include providing board minutes, budgets, agendas and other documentation to a committee that would include a member of the senate and a member of the assembly from the county.

Three other members would be appointed by county commissioners.

Each committee is required to submit a report to the Legislative Commission each year regarding its activities and findings.

Douglas County is home to a score of districts, each of which has its own taxing authority and elected board.

Several districts perform a single function like mosquito abatement, operating the Carson Valley Swim Center or the East Fork Fire District.

However, some essentially serve as municipal governments for the county’s largest communities, including the Gardnerville Ranchos, Indian Hills and Kingsbury.

Should a committee formed under the bill decide an improvement district should be altered or dissolved, the county would have to follow current law.

SB462 still requires a vote in the senate and approval in the Assembly before it goes into effect.