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Dispatcher roughing it after house fire

A Douglas County dispatcher and her husband will be living out of a camp trailer while they wait for their Dayton home to be repaired after a July 8 fire.

Dispatcher Maria Bowling said she was working in the 911 Center the day of the fire.

“We happened to be monitoring Lyon County at the time, so I heard the call come out,” she said. “However, they had the wrong address at first.”

Bowling found out that call was for her house when her husband called her at work.

“He was asleep in the house when it happened,” she said. “He barely made it out, with the help of Lyon County Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas McDaniel, who had to kick down the back fence and run down a hill to our neighbors house.”

Bowling said McDaniel helped her husband, who was barefoot, and all of the couple’s dogs to safety.

“He was a hero,” she said.

Central Lyon County firefighters responded to the blaze off Hidden Oak Drive in Mark Twain.

According to the fire district, the original report was heavy smoke coming from the attic of the house that ended up spreading.

Bowling’s husband was evaluated for smoke inhalation, but he and their five rescue dogs and three cats are OK.

The whole kit and kaboodle are living in a travel trailer with a generator while the home is rebuilt.

Bowling and her service dog Peanut returned to work this week.

Anyone who wants to help can search for her on Facebook or follow her dog rescue page @foreverhomenv.

She said they are looking for camping-type donations to help them survive their trailer experience.

“We actually had three rescue dogs with us as well as our four dogs,” she said. “So any types of dog toys, beds or blankets are needed.”

She said she can pick items up.