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Dirt is flying in Douglas County

by Mary Davis

Dirt seems to be flying in all directions in Douglas County. We are watching with great anticipation for Target to open. This is planned for early fall and more than 250 positions will be available. I have talked with Bob Nunes, director of Community Development, about the county’s traffic plan. The good news is that Dan Holler, the commissioners and Bob have called for a traffic strategy that is geared for the next 20 to 30 years, taking into account residential and commercial growth projections.

Jacks Valley Lane will be widened to five lanes from Highway 395 to west of Vista Grande. There will be ingress and egress off Highway 395, as well as Jacks Valley Lane. This expansion will easily accommodate Target, Home Depot and any other large user in close proximity.

There are additional future designs that will call for a frontage road and overpasses should the need arise. Retail expansion is an excellent vehicle for the county, as it will help capture many of the discretionary dollars that have leaked out of our area for years. With the tax money, we will see infrastructure be improved to the benefit of all the residents of Douglas County.

New growth at the Minden-Tahoe Airport, according to Jim Braswell, operational services director and airport manager, will include Monolith Enterprises’ Mustang Business Center. Scott Lether, president of Monolith Enterprises has been in aviation for more than 18 years. Scott conceived the idea of bringing aviation-related businesses together in one corporate airpark.

Each hangar is designed to handle 60-foot wing spans, 50 feet in length and 16 feet in height. Additionally, there will be 1,500-square-feet of office space in each area.

As interested residents of Douglas County, we can see that today’s growth is situated in retail, aviation and industrial pockets. Expansion designed to fall into designated areas allows for the county to provide the necessary accommodations. It also safeguards the open spaces and natural beauty we have all become accustomed to.

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– Mary Davis is economic development liaison for Douglas County.