Director resigns over personal check cashing |

Director resigns over personal check cashing

by Merrie Leininger

The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office is investigating former Senior Center Director Kathleen Maidlow for cashing personal checks at the senior center in violation of county policy.

Maidlow, who said Friday she wasn’t aware of the policy, was told to resign or she would be fired after it was discovered she was writing personal checks to the senior center, then taking cash in the same amount out of the center’s petty cash.

“I broke county policy by writing personal checks at the senior center. I didn’t know it was against county policy. If I was eating lunch there, I would write a check and take cash out to buy lunch. If cash comes into the center, it has to be deposited,” Maidlow said.

She was very upset Friday, saying she loved her job and didn’t want to leave the seniors.

“I worked for so long and have done so much for the seniors. I was told to resign or I’d be terminated. I could fight it, but I was so upset. I said, ‘If that’s what you think of me after all the work I’ve done here, I would just leave,'” Maidlow said.

Because of that on-going investigation, Brian Chally of the DA’s office refused comment. Recreation Superintendent Brian Fitzgerald confirmed that Maidlow resigned June 30, but refused further comment. Community Services Director Scott Morgan was on vacation and did not return calls to his cellular phone.

Chally said no criminal charges have been filed against Maidlow.

Gardnerville resident Al Walker is on the Young at Heart Board, and a former senior services advisory council member. He said most people who frequent the senior center are in the dark regarding the circumstances Maidlow left under.

“I think it’s just a big question mark. There’s just a lot of questions,” Walker said. “Very few people specifically know what she’s being investigated for. I think the officials have handled this extremely well. I just heard there are some things being questioned. Everyone knows some police have been down there, but there are very limited rumors.”

Sheila Dugan, Douglas County human resources manager, said Maidlow has worked for senior services since July 1, 1994, when she was hired as a bookkeeper. In October 1996, she was promoted to the supervisor position.

Dugan said the position currently has a salary range of $33,030-$45,011.

Dugan said she will meet with Morgan when he returns on Monday to start the recruitment process.

Recreation Supervisor Warren Bottino has been placed in charge of the senior center and senior services until that position is filled.