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Didn’t require much angling to land beauty of a lifestyle

by Joyce DeVore

The man found his passion early.

Todd Sodaro, manager and partner of Carson River Resort, began fishing on the East Fork of the Carson River at age 2.

His parents, Roger and Jackie Sodaro, bought property in Markleevillage in 1962, and Todd walked the banks fishing and learning behind his father. Love of the area and the sport fishing were in his blood.

“From the age of 12, I wanted to live on the river and be involved with the fishing resort,” Sodaro said. A career in electronics took him to the Bay Area for 19 years, but he has relocated and made a home and sensational success of the Carson River Resort over the last nine years. 

The first impression of the resort is of an immaculate rustic campground, with towering pines, flowers, mowed lawns, picnic tables, and a welcoming general store. Sodaro calmly discusses the housekeeping with one employee, welcomes a family of anglers with the exciting news that just yesterday, Alpine County Fish & Game Commission and Alpine County Chamber Board planted rainbow trout, weighing up to 9 pounds, and brown trout weighing up to 6, and answers a few of my questions in-between.

“I’d put this fishing against any,” Sodaro beamed.

There were four extra fish plants this year because fish & game and the chamber of commerce funded the plants and bought the “best fish you can buy in the country. The fish are a breed of the best fighters and the best eating, half steelhead and half rainbow,” Sodaro said excitedly.

While he was tending his two cats that were perched on the ladder leading to the store’s attic, Sodaro allowed me to look through an immense photo album of snapshots with beaming men, women, and children holding double arms full of enormous fish.

“That was her first fish, and you can tell how excited she was,” Sodaro explained one of the photos.

“The family you just saw in here comes three or four times a year. It is like having family and friends here and sharing the best fishing around. I love it,” Sodaro affirmed.

“People come from all over to stay here and fish. There were people here from Alaska recently. The resort was 98 percent booked for the last five months. We already have over 100 reservations for next year. The reason we are so popular is because the prices are good and the fish are great,” Sodaro proudly explained.

Besides his more than full-time occupation at the resort, Sodaro is on the board for chamber of commerce and a member of the fish and game commission. His goal is to increase the occupancy of the resort by opening more RV sites and  building more cabins.

The resort is located on highways 4 and 89, 2.5 miles south of Markleeville. There are seven cabins equipped with beds, bedding, showers, kitchens, picnic tables, and propane heaters or wood burning stoves.

The River Cabin was the setting of a 1927 romantic novel, “The Looted Bonanza,” The Miner’s Cabin was moved from a mining camp in Loope Canyon more than 60 years ago, and four of the cabins are classic1940s Sears and Roebuck kit cabins. 

The RV park has full hook-ups, and there is a campground on the river for dry camping.

For more information, call toll free (877) 694-2229, e-mail carsonriver@gbis.com, or visit the website at http://www.carsonriverresort.com