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DHS student in detention for threates

by Sharon Carter

A 17-year-old Douglas High School student who is accused of talking in class about committing violent acts will remain in juvenile detention until his delinquency hearing next week.

Daniel Torok-Ohlin’s parents, who are divorced, said they could not supervise him 24 hours a day because of their daytime work schedules. It would be particularly hard, they said, because the youth has been suspended from school for 10 days.

District Judge Michael Gibbons appointed defense attorney Mark Jackson to represent the youth when he answers official charges of harassment and disorderly conduct next Monday.

Torok-Ohlin, who has no prior juvenile record, allegedly made threats and acted like he was shooting people with his finger at school Thursday.

According to reports cited in court, several students overheard his remarks. One student reported it to school administrators who felt it constituted a threat, questioned other students and called the sheriff’s office.

“If I was released (from juvenile detention), I’d follow every law, I have no intention of doing anything wrong,” Torok-Ohlin said in court Monday.

According to juvenile authorities, a psychological profile of the youth showed he posed little threat of violent behavior.

“We don’t want to overreact – things could be taken in the wrong light after what happened in Colorado,” Gibbons said Monday. “(But) the allegations are serious.”