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DHS Principal Resigns

by Maggie O'Neill, Staff Writer

Douglas High School Principal Charlie Condron resigned Monday afternoon due to a family health matter.

Condron had no comment, but Douglas County Superintendent John Soderman verified Condron’s resignation, saying he wasn’t surprised.

“I’ve known about this possibility for some weeks,” Soderman said. “(Condron) indicated to me he was looking at this, and talked to me some time ago.”

“It’s a loss for our school and our community,” DHS vice principal Tom Morgan said Tuesday morning.

He said first-period teachers were encouraged to tell their students what they heard at Monday’s staff meeting.

“I just got done spending 35 minutes with a student who said Mr. Condron was closer (than a parent),” Morgan said.

Although Condron’s resignation will not be official until the Nov. 12 school board meeting, he resigned effective Oct. 21.

Soderman said Condron has a family member with health issues.

“He spoke to his staff this afternoon,” Soderman said Monday. “It’s pretty surprising. It’s a difficult time to have this happen. I respect Charlie for what he’s doing.”

Soderman said he and DHS’ two vice principals, Susan Baldwin and Morgan, will determine the next step. Soderman said he hopes to present a plan at the next school board meeting. He said the vice principals knew of Condron’s plans.

Condron worked for the school district more than 25 years and was in his third year at DHS, according to Soderman. Soderman taught at Carson Valley Middle School with Condron in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

He had more than 10 years of prior experience as a principal before coming to DHS. He took the helm at Gardnerville Elementary School in 1988, returned to CVMS as principal in 1991 and when Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School opened in 1994 he became principal there until the fall of 2000, when he started at DHS.

In 2001, the University of Nevada, Reno named him the outstanding K-12 administrator and in 1981, the Douglas County School District named Condron teacher of the year.

Robbin Pedrett, principal of PWLMS, attended Douglas County High School with Condron, where he graduated from in 1970.

“I think everyone knew (being principal) was taking a toll on the students and the staff,” she said. “I think he’s an indicator of that at all levels. We’re all trying to raise the bar.”

Condrin gave time consistently to the individual staff members and students, attending major events in their lives, Pedrett said.

“That’s the stuff that takes a toll. Because of the way he values students and staff and never missed their happenings, you start to value the time with your family more. You start to say, ‘At what cost am I doing this?'”

In the meantime, with Condron’s resignation, DHS is down one administrator.

“He’s a tremendous loss to the district,” Soderman said. “He’s one of the people I respect the most. You just don’t find Charlie Condrons very often.”

Condron has been credited with changes at DHS by staff.

Gaye Tindell, head of DHS’ math department, said in a September Record-Courier story about student improvements on the Scholastic Achievement Test and American College Tests, she thought Condron helped raise student and teacher morale.

“There is mutual respect and he gives us academic freedom,” she said. “There is an aura about this school that has changed.”

In the same article, Condron said DHS students are a great group of kids.

“I think Charlie is a true leader,” Pedrett said. “He knew how to rally people to get them to have the same vision. He values everyone’s input at all levels. That’s the piece that is going to be missed.

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DHS Principal Charlie Condron resigns