Deputies hurt in scuffle with naked man |

Deputies hurt in scuffle with naked man

Staff Reports

Two Douglas County deputies received minor injuries while attempting to subdue an enraged and naked man who had physically attacked his neighbor and then destroyed the interior of the victim’s home at Zephyr Cove.

The deputies responded to a 911 call for help at 11:50 p.m. March 8 in the 200 block of Silver Drive in the Round Hill subdivision of Zephyr Cove where they found Brian Langdon, 21, standing naked in the home of his next-door neighbor.

They said the interior of the residence was in complete disarray with shattered glass on the floor, a broken banister railing and other miscellaneous household items damaged and tossed about the home.

Deputies tried to talk with Langdon, but he appeared to be oblivious to their presence, according to Sgt. Tom Mezzetta.

One of the officers placed a hand on Langdon’s shoulder and Langdon responded by spinning around raising his hands aggressively. Langdon’s mouth and nose were bleeding profusely, Mezzetta said.

One deputy took Langdon’s right arm while the second deputy took his left arm. The officers were unable to take Langdon to the ground.

According to the report, Langdon was “unnaturally strong” and was able to push and pull both officers around by his arms. One of the officers performed a leg sweeping motion that brought all three to the ground. Langdon tried to wrestle free and bit at the officers as they tried to hold on and handcuff Langdon, all the while being splattered by Langdon’s blood.

After a warning, an officer pepper sprayed Langdon directly in the face.

He didn’t close his eyes and became more aggressive and showed no signs of pain or fatigue.

The officers yelled to bystanders outside to call 911 for help.

Langdon began to strike one of the officers repeatedly on the side of his head.

Officers used a chokehold to subdue Langdon as a last resort to gain control, according to Mezzetta.

Langdon relaxed enough for the officers to place both his wrists in handcuffs.

Langdon continued to bite at, kick and struggle with the officers while handcuffed.

After securing Langdon in handcuffs, officers from the South Lake Tahoe Police Department and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene in response to the call for help.

One Douglas County officer suffered swelling and soreness to his head as well as a knee injury The other officer injured his right hand, left elbow and had small cuts and scratches to both hands.

Langdon was transported to the Barton Hospital for treatment of his injuries and to determine what he ingested to cause such behavior.

He became combative with South Lake Tahoe officers at the hospital who had to call for assistance to control him. A blood draw was conducted and the sheriff’s office is awaiting toxicology results.

Officers entered Langdon’s unlocked home to ensure that there were no victims of violence inside. Finding none, officers discovered that the interior was in complete disarray.

The walls were covered in blood spatter. A big-screen television was destroyed and a laundry dryer had been tossed down a hallway, Mezzetta said.

Other miscellaneous items were broken and strewn about the home.

The 29 year-old neighbor told officers he heard loud banging noises from downstairs.

When he went to investigate he found Langdon standing naked at his sliding glass door opening and slamming the door so forcefully that it shattered.

The victim watched as Langdon walked barefoot through the broken glass without a single reaction.

Langdon left the home and began to attack the victim’s vehicle parked outside.

The victim approached Langdon and Langdon responded by attacking the victim.

The victim’s glasses were snatched from his face and his shirt was ripped from his body as he tried to retreat back inside his home. Langdon chased him and broke sections of the banister away from the stairway to use as clubs.

The victim fled down the street and Langdon gave up the chase.

After a short time later the victim returned to his home to find Langdon inside destroying his property.

The victim dialed 911 from the second floor where he had taken refuge while awaiting for the officers.

Langdon was treated and released for his injuries and was booked into the Douglas County jail on two charges of battery on a peace officer, obstructing/resisting an officer and a charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

He posted $25,000 bail and has been released from custody.